The Woes of Small Business Shipping: USPS and What I'm Doing to Make Sure You Get Your Order

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Hello All, 

We opened up shop less than a week ago and have received TREMENDOUS support. I'm am thankful. As always, the important info is in BOLD

USPS & PayPal are trying to rain on the 3DKeebs Parade but I will not be deterred. If you are one of my lovely first customers, you may have made your order, got it fulfilled within 24 hrs (that is my commitment) and then began trying to track it only to see the below image after 2 - 3 days. That is an actual shipment ,that was shipped and confirmed delivered by the customer. 

So USPS is hit or miss on scanning packages not only impacting the level of customer service I have committed to provide but also, my bottom line (PayPal does not see a shipment delivered, and thus does not release my funds). 

So I have made some operational changes:

  • From now on all order drop offs will be scanned in front of me at the post office. 
  • I have added Route Shipment Insurance, which comes at a minor cost to you. It is optional. I encourage you utilize it, it protects the both of us in these weary shipping times. 
  • Turned off PayPal Payments - I know PayPal is convenient and provides an extra layer of protection, but I cannot currently afford for revenue to be held for 21 Days, because of USPS. This is not a permanent change. 

I am a proponent for keeping USPS alive, for a whole gaggle of reasons, they are the cheapest when it comes to small packages which is the bulk of my inventory. However their recent service has not been great for a whole gaggle of reason so I am working on providing cheaper carrier shipping options but that comes with volume. 

Thank You for coming to my Ted Talk. 

I appreciate all your support! Remember. There is no ENDGAME. IT IS A MYTH

For real time updates and #customershoutouts follow @3DKEEBS on instagram. 

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