Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I received tracking but, why hasn't my order moved?

A: Tracking is sent to you when your order is packed, once it is packed it gets set in the USPS bin for pickup. Once orders are picked up USPS has to scan them in and this can occasionally take more than 24 hours 

If you have any questions about the status of your order please contact us by emailing or using the contact us

Q: I made an order! When will it ship?

A: Orders ship with 3-5 business days, unless there are special circumstances affecting shipping timelines (there will be a banner on the front page). Please check to make sure your order is not a Pre-Order, or Groupbuy which will have an estimated shipping ETA and status update on the product page

Q: Can You Combine My Order?

A: Not Really. Combining orders requires a bit more button pressing and time than you might think. Your best bet is to request an order edit for the previous order to add items BEFORE you make a second ( or 3rd lol) order. You can do this by submitting via the Contact Us form. REMEMBER to put your Order # in and the items you want to add.