3DKeebs Updates: Temporary Closure


Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since the last post here, I know. I'm Ari (they/them)... (a new voice on this blog) you might have seen me around the 3DKeebs Discord as @acitrin. If you're not part of the server, you can join it here.

Davis is currently in the hospital and awaiting surgery after being hit by a drunk driver last night driving home from the warehouse. She is conscious but will be requiring surgery on her leg so will be taking over for a bit with store updates and managing the site. Currently placed orders will continue to be fulfilled by the 3DKeebs team -- including a wonderful part-time employee -- but if you have questions about your order, please direct them towards myself on Discord (@and/or send an email to support@3dkeebs.com

On a personal note: Even though we know you came here for the keebs, please stay for the community. Please send good vibes towards Davis right now and support her as she's healing up. 

Here's a few updates regarding the current status of 3DKeebs:

We've pulled all in-stock items from the 3DKeebs website so that the fulfillment team can focus on group-buy order fulfillment while Davis is recovering. All previously scheduled groupbuys will still run on schedule. Thank you for your continued support of 3DKeebs during this difficult time... we're looking forward to welcoming you back.

Store Reopening Sale: The sale that was scheduled for this weekend (the weekend of 6/5/21) will need to be postponed. We will make an announcement with the new sale date as soon as we have one.

Group Buys: All group buy orders will continue to be processed and honored. Sushi Suitchi and Black U4T orders will still be fulfilled by 3DKeebs staff members. The Marshmallow and Konpeitou group buy -- which just ended -- is still on target for its original ship date. Other upcoming group buys will still happen, undelayed. DSS Carpinteria (my keyset) will still run on 3DKeebs, starting tomorrow, June 3, and will be fulfilled on its expected timeline.

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