Stab Pads
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Stab Pads

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What is the SINGLE most important difference between a GOOD Keyboard Build and an EXCELLENT One?  STABS BABY!  Grab some stab pads and some BDZ and have grand ol stab tuning time! ( Tuning stabs is such a chore but it makes a HUGE difference, just do it my G) 

Stab Pads are designed to quiet out the bottom out of those noisy but necessary stabs.


  • Available in .2mm, .5mm, or Get the best of both worlds with the Mix Pack
  • Custom Silicon/Rubber blend by Upgrade Keyboards
  • *Mix Pack contains 30 x .2mm and 30 x .5mm

Decision Discernment:

Upgrade Keyboards does some amazing marketing! 

Kirball Tries Stab Pads on an NK65

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