SPRiT Switch Springs
SPRiT Switch Springs
SPRiT Switch Springs
SPRiT Switch Springs
SPRiT Switch Springs
SPRiT Switch Springs

SPRiT Switch Springs

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100 Springs/ Pack

Wassa Switch without a Spring??? Nothing. Favorite Switch too heavy or too light. Maybe you just don't want gold crap all flaked off in ya switch in 5 years (it happens)

In any case these springs will solve all those problems and you will still have money left for lube and a mod station. You welcome. 


  • Korean/Japanese Stainless Steel
  • 99.5% Weight Precision  - this means that the weights are consistent 
  • See below for more info on the various types available 

SPRiT Spring Type Explanations: 

There are various types listed below, these are MY (Davis's) opinion, no way is it science or fact, just my impressions with various use of each

Supreme: Normal Linear Springs made with precision to be consistent

Complex: Shorter Springs, progressive-ish, makes a switch lighter - REMEMBER TIGHT COIL TOP UP

Progressive: Makes switches feel lighter at the top, prevents bottom out - REMEMBER TIGHT COIL TOP UP

Slow Extreme: long springs

Slow Extreme II: longer Springs

Slow Extreme III: longer longer longer springs

Economy: larger variance in quality so 63.5 Economy may be off +/- 1g - 98% precision vs Sprits 99.5%

More Discernment:

Jimmy Gives you some of the Science


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