Oil King Switch

Oil King Switch

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Available in packs of 70. Quantity 1 = 70. 

Is this a new smooth favorite!? Did they lube these joints with Petrol because in 2022 that sounds EXTREMELY expensive. I'm not gon lie as a NOTORIOUS tactile lover.. these not too bad. if you like smooth and boring :) 

P.S. That infamous Gateron Wobble is still there, grab some films my friend

Find More Information about this switch at Switches.MX and be sure to check out our favorite Switch Goat's review 


  • Linear
  • 55g actuation
  • 80g bottom out
  • 5-Pin / PCB Mount
  • 20mm Spring 
  • Nylon Top Housing
  • Factory Lube - BUT NOT your typcial factory lube. those stem rails SHINY!
  • All black housing, stem and spring
  • polished stems

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