KBDFans Foam Switch Films
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KBDFans Foam Switch Films

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Each Pack Contains 130

Yup. Another Film to try in the name of #keebscience. You know you want to. What Change will it make? Will it make my switches THOCKIER? Will my housings be tighter than my budget after learning about this hobby? Are they better than Deskeys? Easier? Who Knows! Lets find out together!

Check Out Switches.MX to find out if your switch can be improved with a switch film! 

Product Details

Material: Foam? Not Sure

Thickness: .2 mm 

Compatibility: compatible with most MX switches, including Gaterons,  JWK/Durock variants. The jury is out on the fatter/tighter housings like Creams and Gat Inks 


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