Kangaroo Switch

Kangaroo Switch

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Available in packs of 70. Quantity 1 = 70 

A very dear Keeb Friend (Hey Aaron!!!) and 3DKeebs OG coined these Inkaroos and thats just what they are.. but better cause they not linear :). They a lil pricey and a lotta ugly BUT worth it in the end (kinda like people*)

Find More Information about this switch at Switches.MX and be sure to check out our favorite Switch Goat's review 


  • Tactile
  • 5-Pin/PCB mount
  • 58g actuation
  • 65g bottom out
  • long-boi springs
  • Pom Box stem

Decision Discernment 

  • .......


*It said "strippers" before. It was funny. It is now less funny and also less offensive I guess.. 



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