Deskeys Gasket Switch Films

Deskeys Gasket Switch Films

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Each pack includes 120 Films

A different type of switch film. Instead of your typical poly-carbonate plastic filling the gap between the top and bottom housing of your favorite switch, this switch film is made of some fancy rubber/ foam combination that compresses to fill the gap. Doing what a switch film is designed to do, but better. (They also give switches a bit of boost in the Thock sound profile, if that's your kinda thing )

Check Out Switches.MX to find out if your switch can be improved with a switch film! 

Product Details

Material: Fancy Foam (my words, not Deskeys) 

Thickness: .3mm

Compatibility: compatible with most MX switches, including Gaterons, JWK/Durock variants, NK Creams and NK Blueberries (which have pretty tight housings) 


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