ThicThock Springs
ThicThock Springs

ThicThock Springs

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100 Springs/Pack

The Highly Coveted BOUNCE. So you missed out on the pink legends? Its ok buddy, they are just a normal switch albeit PINK and Nylon ( ok maybe not THAT normal) find your favorite switch throw an Magically Progressive (MP) spring in and you and now a fake marshmallow... like lucky charms :) 

MP = Magically Progressive

  • Gold Plated
  • Legendary
  • Weight Variance: 2±gf

DL = Deliciously Linear

  • Not Gold Plated 
  • Also Legendary 
  • Weight Variance: 2±gf

...And Now A Word From ThicThock: 

MP's were originally found in the beloved marshmallow switches.
MP - means progressive, which increases in force as you press down on the switch. This encourages the user from bottoming out. Creating a unique typing experience.

Thic Thock Springs are meticulously designed and manufactured custom mechanical keyboard springs; aiming at providing the best quality spring at a reasonable and friendly price point.

The weight variation of each spring is controlled within 2±gf. In order to maximize the customer experience, we've decided to make these amazing springs with premium custom materials: a high grade custom material imported from Japan. The structure of the spring will be firmer and more flexible, resulting in a more bouncier feel and better overall typing experience. That are specifically used for supreme user experience.

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