TTC Blueish White
TTC Blueish White

TTC Blueish White

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Issa Baby Blue Tactile, WITH A 2-STAGE SPRING BUILT IN!!! My mind was blown. 

Switch Details:

  • Tactile
  • 2-stage Spring Gold Plated Spring
  • 42g 
  • 2mm Pre-Travel
  • Plate Mount
  • Box Stem
  • Clear Top

Resources for your discernment needs:

ThereminGoat Judges TTC Blueish WHites Briefly - issa scorecard

Davis Says: 

TWO STAGE SPRINGS??!!! I love 2 stage springs, they make the upstroke just pop, aside from the box stem these are pretty damn nice. Great Value to me if you looking for a new or different tactile switch in these keeb streets 




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