HyperGlide MX Black - Groupbuy
HyperGlide MX Black - Groupbuy
HyperGlide MX Black - Groupbuy

HyperGlide MX Black - Groupbuy

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Available in Packs of 10. QTY 1 = 10. 

You heard of em, you see the talk in the keeb streets, You love linear switches. You like em thicc N thocky?

Go ahead and click "Add to Cart". Do It. 

Honestly if you enjoy a smooth MX black switch (new molds) these are for you my G! 

STATUS: Order Received - Preparing for Customer & Vendor Shipment

Switch Details:

  • Linear
  • 60g actuation
  • 80g bottom out
  • 2mm Pre-travel
  • 5-Pin/ PCB Mount

Groupbuy Details:

In Canada? Check out Alphakeys.ca !!
In the Phillipines? Check out ZionStudios.ph !!

Dates: 12/16/2020 - 1/18/2021 (Happy MLK Day!)

MOQ: 48K

Shipping ETA: April 2021 - Subject to Change

DO NOT ORDER GB ITEM with IN-STOCK ITEMS - They will ship together if you do.

GB Updates: Check the Discord for Updates!!

GB Disclaimer: This is a groupbuy, shipping dates are subject to change. Groupbuys are also not eligible for refunds or exchanges - Don't know how GB's work? CLICK HERE

Resources for your additional discernment needs:

BasickBuilds puts hyperglides in a Vega, types and makes nice sounds

Ben the Enthusiast of Maker Mods gives you a brief history and compares Hyperglides to Vintage Blacks

Jyjoh uses hyperglides in a MODE Eighty FE

Redditor Does an excellent visual comparison of MX Blacks

Cherry Introduces Hyperglides


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